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MeniCare Plus (6x250 ml)

MeniCare Plus (6x250 ml)
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3-10 jours

MeniCare Plus multi-purpose lens solution from Menicon can only be used for hard, gas permeable lenses.


  • MeniCare Plus is an all-in-one, multi-purpose lens solution for GP lenses which fulfils the high expectations of all GP lens wearers. Maximum comfort can be achieved with MeniCare Plus by enhancing wettability and reducing lens deposits. MeniCare Plus will provide real comfort.

    • Cleaning
    • Protein removal
    • Disinfection
    • Storage
    • Rinsing

    MeniCare Plus can be used for cleaning, protein removal, disinfection, storage and rinsing. It contains hypermellose which helps to restore moisture to the tear film. It’s important to follow the advice given and to respect the choice of products prescribed.


    Place the lenses in the lens holders on the vial's cap, rinse with MeniCare Plus for 20 seconds. Close the vial cap securely, gently shake if a few times. and soak the lenses in progent for 30 minutes maximum. Open the vial, and thoroughly rinse the lenses with MeniCare Plus.

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