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Eyetonic Microwaveable Eye Mask

Eyetonic Microwaveable Eye Mask
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3-10 jours

  • Eyetonic Microwaveable Eye Mask comes with a removable washable cover, so it is very easy to keep it clean and use it everytime you need. It helps relieve the symptomps of dry eye or blepharitis. The mask is perfect to warm or cool the eyelids, so the oil glands function properly and allow the tear film to keep the eyes naturally hydrated. According to what kind of effect you want, you can either microwave it for a relaxing effect or place it in the freezer for a cooling, calming effect

    Features of Eyetonic Microwaveable Eye Mask
    has a modern design, double sided silk material that provides a confortable wear
    washable cover to maint it clean and avoid other infections
    relaxing effect/cooling, calming effect
    relieves the dry eye symptomps

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